The things that make me say… “What the hell were you thinking?”

(An open letter to self-proclaimed social justice warriors)

There is an impulse that overtakes some of you self-proclaimed social justice warriors that I don’t think I will ever understand.

There is a basic universal law of nature that any normal and sane human being completely understands. You don’t go poke at a bear to try and get a reaction out of it do you? The resulting mauling you would receive would be completely your own fault. No one is going to blame the bear for you being spectacularly stupid. If you managed to live through such a stupendously ignorant decision I would ask you, “what the hell were you thinking?”

So what drives you social justice warriors to break bad with someone actively serving in the military or a Veteran, all because you greatly disagree with our government’s horrible foreign policy? You think you’re all big and bad and brave and making a difference in the world by waiting for the occasional unfortunate Veteran or active duty military member to happen into your view. No, actually you’re not. You’re just being dangerously stupid and lazy.

Regardless of how you may feel about the military, you obviously have not thought your actions all the way through. You most certainly have the right to have your own opinion and to even express that opinion. However, I don’t think that you’re practicing critical thinking skills when expressing that opinion to a member of the armed forces or a Veteran.

I am going to use the Marines as my example because of the flak and grief they seem to take over and above the other branches. I am not writing this to debate the validity of your allegations of baby killing and other atrocities you think the Marines have committed. I’m writing this solely to address the completely illogical choice you make when you happen upon a Marine and your ego suddenly outgrew your common sense and you’re about three seconds from possibly receiving some serious pain. I’m trying to save you from that pain.

It is blatantly obvious that you social justice warriors do not understand what the military’s primary mission is. The military has one job. It does that job so extremely well it is terrifying. The military’s job is to be the force behind the will of a nation. Now regardless of how you may feel about that mission, there is no denying that our military is one of the best at that job that the world has ever known. Now think of that historic military force as a spear. The Marines are the sharp point of that spear and they are the very first thing our enemies encounter when hostilities commence.

There is a very good reason for this.

The Marines are the only branch of our military where every single Marine is a rifleman first, and whatever specialty jobs they are to do, second. None of the other branches do this. This is a critically significant distinction so let me repeat this so that you are completely clear as to what I am trying to get you to understand. It is the very point of this entire letter.

Every single Marine, bar none, is trained to be a skilled rifleman first and foremost above all other things. They are trained how to subdue, disable, cripple, or kill and destroy any person or target they are pointed at. It is because of this that the Marines are one of the most feared and lethal fighting forces in the history of mankind.

Now that you hopefully have wrapped your head around the military’s mission and the Marine Corps specifically, I have to ask you this. When you happen to come across a Marine, why is the most intelligent thing you can come up with is intentionally antagonizing and pissing off one of the most highly trained and lethal warriors in the history of mankind? You’re not too bright, are you? This is the point where I would ask, “What the hell were you thinking?” The resulting mauling you are about to receive from that Marine is completely your own fault. Most normal people are not going to blame the Marine for your complete lack of common sense.

On top of that, do you self-proclaimed social justice warriors not stop and seriously consider that the Marine, or other active duty military member or Veteran you decided to break bad with, might have a bad case of PTSD? Do you not consider the possibility that your petulant inability to keep your opinion to yourself, and lack of basic common respect for your fellow human beings, might actually be the one thing that sets the guy, or gals, PTSD off?

It would be a terrible waste of life if the unfortunate Marine snapped because of being cornered by you, armed with your amazing lack of common sense and lack of common decency and you end up being killed. This, of course, would be a tragedy to you and your family. But also for the Marine and his family as well since he would most likely go to prison for murder, a murder that you in your ignorance provoked him into. All because you never learned to keep your mouth shut at the right time with the wrong person.

There is a time and a place to air your grievances with the government of the United States about their horrible foreign policy. Picking on the individual Marine or other active military member or Veteran, is not it. Stop being such a spectacular ass to someone who has absolutely no say in our countries horrific foreign policies. That time and place is at your elected representative’s local office. Go yell and scream at them and call them baby killers and murderers and bust their balls. They are the ones who decided to go to war for the most juvenile of reasons and are the ones who send our loved ones to hell all in the name of greed and power.

It is a testament to the discipline, restraint and the love for their fellow countrymen (even when those countrymen are being blindingly stupid) that military members and the Marines, in particular, have in this kind of scenario. It is because of this discipline, restraint, and ability to rise above the stupendously ignorant, that cases of assault, battery, and even murder by members of the armed forces as I am insinuating above are so rare.

No malice intended toward anyone. Well, maybe just a little well-deserved ridicule, but no malice. I hope for the safety and well-being of all involved, that you self-proclaimed social justice warriors heed my words of warning and advice. Please, pause for a moment and think it through before you erroneously decide that you are that one exception to the rule and think you can get away with poking a bear without getting mauled. You may be unlucky enough to come across the one Marine who is going to reduce your overblown ego back down to where it belongs in a way that might be the most painful experience of your life. I am trying to save you from some possible future pain, or even worse.

Think about it.

Greggery Kunkle

U.S. Navy Veteran


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