The most precious commodities in the world

There are two commodities in the world that are more valuable than any other. These two commodities almost always go together; you can’t have one without the other. They cannot be stolen, at least not by force. The mere act of forcing them from their creator turns them into a vapor that escapes on the wind. They have to be paid for. You can buy them yourself or you can transfer your purchase power to others so that they can acquire them for you. However, transferring your purchase power of these two commodities is an extremely risky transaction. You give over your purchase power to someone else in the hopes that they make the transaction in good faith. This almost never works out for you, because history proves with an almost near-perfect statistical probability that with these two commodities, they will add your power to theirs and leave you with nothing. They accumulate these two commodities for themselves and leave you holding the bag. This is because nearly everyone in the world does not truly understand who creates these commodities and how they do it. No, I am not talking about gold and silver.

You see, freedom and liberty are the most precious commodities in the world. They are far more precious than gold, silver, diamonds or any other precious commodity in this world. They are so precious and rare because the more of freedom and liberty there is in the world, the greater mankind can become. It is only through the freedom and liberty to act that innovation, invention, and creativity can survive and thrive. It was only because of great amounts of freedom and liberty that mankind has been able to leap ahead in technological, scientific, and medical breakthroughs, and in the arts.

Second, only to our very lives, freedom and liberty are the most precious and costly gifts we will ever have the great fortune to possess. Something this valuable requires continuous hard work and sacrifice, because freedom has never been free. If you truly want them, you have to work hard for them.

It is impossible to counterfeit them. It is impossible to steal them into creation. Freedom and liberty are produced solely through the hard work, effort, and sacrifice of individuals. Those individuals create freedom and liberty through a great deal of personal responsibility, a lifelong commitment to self-education, a copious amount of critical thinking, and a willingness to participate far more in the sociopolitical/economic process than just voting. And at times, some of them even sacrifice their very lives to create it.

The creation of all wealth originates with the individual. The individual has all rights to what they create. They have the right to voluntarily exchange what they create with other people for things that they want. Both parties benefit this way.

The same goes for the commodities of freedom and liberty. The individual has the right to exchange the freedom they worked for if someone wishes to purchase it. While these have been energetically traded commodities for all of mankind’s history, they have always been traded unfairly. Those creating them have never been paid what they are truly worth. They have always been ripped off by those buying them. It is an extremely one sided exchange that has more in common with theft than an equal and voluntary trade.

When something so valuable is exchanged at such a ridiculously low price, the buyer has absolutely no concept of the true value of what they just bought. Therefore the buyers will throw away or will give away something that they consider cheap and easily accessible. We are all guilty of this. Something that costs us very little to buy has very little value to us and is easily tossed aside as worthless. The tragedy with this is that even those who create freedom and liberty do not have a complete understanding of what they are creating, its true value and worth, and what it takes to maintain their existence. Because they do not completely understand this they undersell their creation by orders of magnitude.

The true cost of freedom and liberty is astronomically higher than what most people actually pay for it. When this completely lopsided transaction takes place, there still remains an unpaid balance. This unpaid balance can be handled in one of two ways. Almost no one reads the fine print when they make this transaction to find out what those two ways are. They do not realize that they either make daily maintenance payments or pay an overwhelming balloon payment at a later date. Almost no one makes the daily payments and defers the unpaid balance for later. Why work to make daily payments when you can put them off until later?

The more that freedom and liberty are traded without payment toward the remaining balance, the higher the unpaid balance becomes. Just like fiat currency deficit spending; deficit spending freedom and liberty can only be done for so long before the mathematical equation must be balanced. Fiat currencies always hyperinflate to absolute zero because of the purposeful devaluing of a countries currency, I.E. inflation.

The purposeful devaluing of freedom and liberty happens because there are those who desire to steal it from their creators. They work hard every single day at stealing them. This is why freedom and liberty requires a daily maintenance payment because it is being stolen every single day. They steal it and then devalue it by spreading little bits of it around to the masses at no cost as enticement and appeasement and exclaim, “Look at what I have done for you. You are free because of me.” The masses get to enjoy a small amount of freedom and liberty with no concept that their creator was robbed to provide it for them, no idea of their true value and worth, and not a clue about the destructive consequences for not making daily maintenance payments.

When a fiat currency’s deficit balance is due, the cost in economic terms is astronomical. When the balloon payment on freedom and liberty is due, the payment is catastrophic beyond measure because the price needed to pay for freedom and liberty at this point is in blood.

The only way to correct this is for those who create freedom and liberty to stop selling it so cheaply. Full payment should be rendered at the time of the transaction, and the maintenance payments made daily thereafter. This is the only way to stop the violence and bloodshed that a deferred balloon payment demands later down the road.

Less than 3% of mankind chooses to produce freedom and liberty. This is what makes them such rare and valuable commodities and in such high demand. It is the daily labor of those individuals who make the personal choice to produce it. Freedom and liberty are so difficult to produce that only a small amount is created on any given day. Because it takes so much hard work and sacrifice to create such small amounts, the pressure that results from not making daily payments transforms the unpaid balance into a catastrophic balloon payment in human capital.

Because freedom and liberty are such rare and valuable commodities, it requires a level of personal responsibility that most of humanity is either not aware of, or is not capable of. The flip side of the freedom and liberty coin is personal responsibility. It is a side that almost no one ever looks at. That’s because it is dirty, dingy and covered in sweat and blood from all the hard work and sacrifice required, compared to the shiny promise of hope and happiness radiating from the freedom and liberty side.

My wife gets distracted with the “Sparkly” diamond I gave her. Most people also get distracted by the sparkly side of the freedom coin and forget to flip it over and see its true value and worth. It is a criminal negligence and ignorance that has perilous and tragic repercussions. This is the primary reason that mankind has always, and will continue to, chase its tail around and around the Tytler Cycle forever. It is why history repeats itself. It is why in a general sense that some people (those who take the time to look) can foretell the future.

Please, do yourself and everyone else a favor. Flip over that shiny coin and take a long hard look at the dirty side.







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